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Reason and Remedy represents brands in our Dallas Market Center showroom by utilizing products in our showroom merchandising vignettes, virtual buyer consultations, seasonal digital buying guides and in our on-site consulting projects in luxury retail, spas and hospitality. We strive to connect highly valued and well qualified buyers to trusted brands that provide exceptional service and support.

From a brand perspective it’s always a challenge to get in front of well qualified buyers to build trust and provide education about the products and services that set you apart. Because of the past few years many brands have been forced to drastically reduce sales teams and marketing budgets, resulting in less personalized service, higher individual sales goals and increasing pressure to do more with less. Those challenges continue to plague the industry during a time when relationships with buyers mean everything.  

Reason and Remedy is designed to provide highly valued organic introductions through the comprehensive marketing reach and extensive foot-traffic of the Dallas Market Center, as well as years of relationship building and consulting in luxury hotel, resort, spa, and retail businesses. We are thrilled to offer exceptional brand representation in the most cost-effective way possible for brands of all sizes.

Every buyer is looking for a trusted one-stop-shop and we strive to fill that need.

We are always seeking exciting new brands to add to our collective. If your brand is a natural fit in a luxury retail environment, we want to hear from you!

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