About Us

About Our Approach

“Reason and Remedy adopts a comprehensive approach to reach high-quality retail buyers in our network. We merge the personal touch of in-person showrooms and regional events with the virtual presence of our B2B website and social media.

This approach allows buyers to easily connect with familiar brands they trust, discover new products, and explore emerging brands within our expanding network. We eliminate the fear of unwanted generic marketing emails or pushy sales tactics, creating a trusted “white glove” buying experience that keeps buyers coming back.

Our selective approach also benefits our brand network by only introducing them to truly interested buyers, saving time and effort in cold-calling.

We foster this mutual trust between buyers and brands to enhance the buying experience, boost efficiency, and streamline the sales process in the modern B2B landscape.”

Drawing from over a decade of experience as both a buyer and a brand, I am well aware of the challenges and obstacles faced by both sides.

I founded Reason and Remedy to leverage my expertise and established relationships to support brands and buyers as they navigate the evolving world of B2B sales.

My goal is to make a positive impact in our community, whether it be helping a busy buyer save time or assisting an emerging brand in expanding into new industries. I believe that these small successes can make a meaningful difference.



I hope to help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, making it easier for business owners to discover and incorporate new products into their operations. Through my experiences in the spa industry, I have learned that what I truly yearn for is human connection. I find joy in helping improve people’s lives, and I look forward to continuing this mission through my work at Reason and Remedy.